QUIZ! Can you guess these everyday objects shot in extreme close-up?

Yahoo News.
A single cornflake captured using macro photography (Rex)

From foodstuffs to furniture, photographer Pyanek has captured everyday objects in spectacular detail using 'macro' photography magic.

The artist, who has chosen not to reveal his location or identity shot a video, complete with self-composed music, of this world in miniature.

He explained in a video his Youtube channel that he works on the philosophy that art should be free and has made his images available to the public.

Pyanek said: ‘My setup is pretty simple, I use a Canon T3i with its kit lens reversed and a tripod.’

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He explains: ‘I’ve always been fascinated with macro photography and when I realised I could do it with my DSLR by just reversing the lens it changed everything. I immediately tried it by holding the lens with my hand, the next day bought a reversing ring to keep it in place and that was it.

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