Canada federal election debates 2021: Who will come out on top after the showdown?

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With just over a week away until Canada's Sept. 20 election day, five of Canada's federal party leaders are gearing up to two debates this week, one in French on Wednesday and one in English on Thursday.

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The upcoming French debate will cover the following five topics:

  • Climate

  • Cost of living and public finances

  • Indigenous peoples, cultural industries, and cultural identity

  • Justice and Foreign policy

  • Pandemic and Healthcare

Each segment of the debate will include a question from a voter, leader-to-leader debate (also with three leaders involved), questions from a journalist to each leader and open debate with all five participants.

For the upcoming English debate the topics will be:

  • Affordability

  • Climate

  • COVID-19 recovery

  • Leadership and accountability

  • Reconciliation

The English debate will follow a similar format with a question from a voter, a question from a moderator or journalist to each leader, leader-to-leader-to-leader debate and an open debate with all five participants.

  • Question from a voter

  • Question from the moderator or a journalist to each leader

  • Leader-to-leader-to-leader debate (3 of the 5 leaders)

  • Open debate (all 5 leaders)

Back when Justin Trudeau moved to call an election last month, the thought was that the Liberals were making moves to achieve a majority government, however, the polls have had the Liberals and the Conservatives essentially tied for days, with several polls putting Erin O'Toole slightly ahead.

Both French and English debates will be streamed on Yahoo Canada at 8:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday and 9:00 p.m. ET on Thursday.

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