'It just kept coming': 29ft wall of ice creeps into Canadian back gardens

Chris Parsons

Strong winds in Canada and northern U.S. states created these freakish scenes over the weekend as mini-glaciers were pushed over land, damaging dozens of homes.

Bemused homeowners captured footage of huge swathes of ice edging into their gardens, following 55mph winds overnight on Saturday.

The 29ft wall of ice from a lake in Canada is thought to have destroyed at least 12 homes and damaged many more.

Residents in Ochre Beach, in Manitoba, Canada, said the damage to their houses was done 'within ten minutes'.

The bizarre footage is made all the more creepy by the quiet but distinctive sound of tinkling ice as it makes its way onto land.

One homeowner, Myles Haverluck, told Sky News: 'It was just a big roar, and you could see it coming.

'You kept thinking it won't come any further and it's going to stop, but it just kept on coming.'


Another amateur video, shot at Izaty’s Resort on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota on Saturday, shows a sheet of ice moving visibly across a homeowner's back yard in minutes, stopping  by their back door.

Canadian emergency services said a state of emergency was declare, but no injuries were reported.

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