Canadian Actor Opens Garage Door and Gets 'Beary' Big Surprise

Canadian actor Dan Payne was expecting to meet a two-legged intruder after being woken by noises at his North Vancouver home one night, but instead came face to face with a big bear.

Video by the Virgin River actor shows the door opening to reveal the beast, just a couple of yards away.

Payne told Storyful that he was no stranger to bears, having worked in the Yukon in his youth, but that it did not make the encounter any less intense.

“I kept calm and filmed as long as I could, but when he lowered his head and walked towards [me], I figured that was enough,” he said.

Payne uploaded the footage to his verified Instagram account and jokingly wrote in the caption: “Had a fella trying to break into my garage at 2am last night! … We agreed to disagree and left on amicable terms.” Credit: Dan Payne via Storyful

Video transcript