Canadian couple run forest getaway where you can stay in cabins inspired by all fairytale classics

This quirky holiday resort has fairytale accomodation including cabins inspired by classics Rumpelstiltskin, Jack and the Beanstalk and more.

It is made up of seven cottages, each themed after famous themes from fairytales or other fantastical characters, such as elves or witches.

The resort in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada, has all of the houses of your dreams, even if they’re a little smaller than you expect.

Cottages sleep four to six people each and all have the gnarled wood exteriors and warm lamplight you’d expect to see in one of the Brothers Grimm classics.

Tyson and Audrey Leavitt, 38 and 36, started off building custom, luxury playhouses for their kids.

But in 2019, they decided to take things one step further, announcing the opening of their brand new resort.

Tyson handles the construction, alongside a full team of craftsmen, while Audrey, who used to be a registered nurse, handles interior design and social media.

He said: “By this point, the people in my life know that we’re crazy. But when we initially told them we were going to build playhouses, I’m sure lots of people thought we had gone insane.

“In retrospect, it probably was.”

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