Canadian Dad's Creative Halloween Recipe: Oxtails Stewed in a Pumpkin

A Canadian dad shared his creative recipe of using a pumpkin as a container to stew oxtail soup in a bid to stir in the Halloween spirit.

In this video, David Freiheit picks a red pumpkin from his house’s Halloween decorations as his base ingredient of the recipe.

“These are very sweet and delicious and high nutrients. Very flesh on the inside, the seeds are also very good to eat,” David says while giving the pumpkin a knock.

The video continues as Freiheit empties the fruit and adds in other vegetables and spices and some fried oxtails before putting the pumpkin into the oven. Freiheit said the oven would steam the water out of the pumpkin to make a soup.

Freiheit and wife tried the stewed oxtail after four hours of cooking. “It is so tender,” Freiheit praises. Credit: David Freiheit via Storyful