Canadian family bolts anchor to ceiling in order to create epic swing for daughter

This is the heartwarming footage captures the moment a family of outdoor enthusiasts from Calgary, Alberta, Canada set up a swing in their living room using climbing gear. The swing was set up for their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Basia, who they hope will develop a passion for climbing like the rest of the family. The recent deep freeze in Alberta coupled with pandemic restrictions had forced the family to come up with innovative indoor activities for their children. However, in keeping with the adventurous spirit that runs strong in the family, they ended up settling on a climbing gear-based swing. To set up the swing the family first bolted anchors into the ceiling of their living room and then strapped Basia into her tiny climbing harness. The family are confident that Basia’s fun time on the swing will naturally progress into a passion for climbing in the future. Although it can be argued that she is already well on her way to becoming a climber; before swinging, Basia can be seen conducting a safety check of the climbing hook attached to her harness! Speaking about the video Basia’s mother, Melba, said: “We’re an outdoor climbing, paddling, all-around adventure family so we try to find creative ways to introduce our little humans to our passions. We figured it would be neat to hook my daughter up in her climbing harness to the ceiling and give her a spin! We hope to get her climbing someday and if we can make this kind of thing fun for her and the whole family - the progression will seem natural!”