Canadian Grandmother Mistakenly Gives Tip of a Lifetime

James Hetherington

How much should you really tip for a nice night out? 15 percent? 20 maybe?

For all those working retail, the new gold standard of tipping has been set by a grandmother from Canada. Earlier this week, after enjoying a meal of fried chicken, the woman tipped the staff 801,000 percent.

The meal totaled $74.24 and she subsequently tipped the restaurant just over $60,000. Did she want to under tip and give $6? Maybe. Was she planning to be generous and tip $60? Potentially. Any way you look at it, $60k was a mistake.

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An image of the receipt has gone viral on Twitter after it was shared by the woman’s granddaughter. “My grandma accidentally gave a $60k tip”, Dianny tweeted, along with a picture of the receipt.

Thankfully for the grandmother, the transaction did not go through.

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On Tuesday in Washington State, a similar (although not as large) generous tip was given to a waitress—who was actually a grandmother. For a $44 bill, one customer gave her a tip of $3000, according to News 4 Tucson.

Grandmother's tip

A Canadian grandmother has mistakenly tipped more than $60,000 at a fried chicken restaurant. Twitter (with permission)

It was even accompanied by a note. “Thanks for smiling,” the note read. “You work hard and the country is in a bad place.”

The waitress was not greedy with the tip, choosing to give some of it to the rest of the staff and a bit to her grandchildren. She wants to use the remaining money to complete a lifelong dream of travelling to Ireland.

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