Canadian Man in a Hurry Uses Scissors to Efficiently Eat Spaghetti

A snowplow operator in Newfoundland and Labrador captivated the internet recently with his ingenious time-saving spaghetti hack, using scissors to neatly clip lengthy strands of pasta into bite-size pieces.

The video of Canadian Dean Prince’s comically simple alternative to gently twirling your noodles onto your fork had garnered 15 million views at the time of writing.

Posted to Facebook on February 15 by Prince’s wife, Judy, the footage shows Dean sitting at their dining room table, briskly working his way through a plate of spaghetti with a fork-and-scissors combination.

Dean was only home for a few short moments before he needed to head back out and continue to plow snow off driveways in the area, hence his need to eat the pasta as fast as he could.

“It was a surprise when he got the scissors. He wanted to try and eat faster so he could take off and get back at work,” Judy told Storyful.

While many are captivated by Dean’s clever scissors technique, he is self-conscious about the sounds he makes while eating and actually did not want his wife to post the video to Facebook to avoid embarrassment, according to Judy.

“He always eats fast and sounds like a pig when he eats. When the kids lived at home, my son would get up from the table and grab his supper, saying, ‘I can’t sit here and listen to this’,” Judy told Storyful.

Dean and Judy have found humor in Dean’s rise to viral fame and marvel at what has become of one man’s quest to finish his supper in a hurry. Credit: Judy Prince via Storyful