Cancer patient has unusual way to cope with her treatment - therapy sheep worth £14k

A cancer patient found an unusual method to cope with her treatment - therapy sheep worth £14k. Hannah Russell, 25, was diagnosed with stage three sarcoma cancer in 2019 and then skin cancer a year later. She underwent six operations and countless rounds of radiotherapy over a two-year span. She says the ordeal took a huge toll on both her physical and mental health - and she needed something to cheer her up. Hannah already owned many animals including horses and dogs, but had always wanted her own flock of sheep. So, in April 2021, she started browsing online for therapy animals to help lift her spirits. She came across Black Valais Sheep - which can sell for up to £7,000 each - and decided they'd make a great addition to her animal kingdom. After doing some research, Hannah purchased Izzy and Ida from a local sheep breeder - and has since struck up a loving bond with the pair. She even trains them to do jumps and tricks by using treats, and then shares videos on her popular online blog 'Hannah Little Alf and Friends'. Hannah, an author from Macham, north Yorkshire, said: "I was feeling really down inbetween operations and the idea of sheep really appealed to me. "It's always been a dream of mine to own my own flock and it felt like the right time as I was taking a lot of time off work because of my illness. "I bought them for a couple grand each so got a decent deal. They are so cute and make a wonderful addition to the family. "When I started to recover I began training them to do jumps and tricks. "I train them like dogs using treats and they absolutely love it - they have such a cheeky, loving nature. "I post daily videos of them online and one of them has gone viral and reached 72 million views which is just crazy. "They really gave me a new focus when I needed one the most, and I can't imagine having coped with my illness without them." Hannah entered remission last month and is now looking forward to a bright future with Izzy and Ida by her side.