Late latte lover laid to rest in Costa-themed coffin

Mother-of-two Karen Lloyd, 51 - nicknamed 'Costa Karen' - was given an appropriate send-off after she passed away

For some, a coffee addiction is so hard to break it stays with them beyond the grave.

This latte lover who lost her eight month battle with breast cancer was laid to rest in a coffin emblazoned with the Costa logo on the side.

Karen Lloyd, 51, was known for her love of coffee and was a loyal customer of the high-street coffee chain.

When the mother-of-two recently passed away it was decided she would be given a fitting send off.

Her family commissioned a coffin in Costa's trademark burgundy colour with the brand's livery plastered down the side along with the words: 'one shot, extra hot skinny latte'.

Mum-of-two Karen Lloyd lost her battle to breast cancer. (SWNS)

Karen Lloyd, 51, had a specially-made Costa inspired coffin. (SWNS)The coffin was carried into the church to the sound of Bee Gees 'More than a Woman' and, following the service, carried out to 'Viva Las Vegas'.

Lynzi Barrett, a close friend of Karen, said: "She wanted a coffin with a difference and Alan, her husband, wondered what could be done regarding Costa.

"I telephoned Mark Hillier of Hillier Funeral Service and within an hour he called me back to say we could have it. It brought a smile to our faces at a time of sorrow.

"Both the funeral and wake were based around her love of Costa Coffee, shopping and sleeping. We had pictures of her everywhere as she lit up every room she entered.

"She was the most positive, kind person I have ever met, who loved her boys and most definitely made an impact on everyone she ever met."

Karen, who worked for a blind and shutters company before her illness, had her funeral at Christ Church in Old Town, Swindon, Wilts., last week.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer last June following a mammogram.

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Despite her illness, she dedicated time to charity work, raising more than £2,000 for the Breast Cancer Unit at the Great Western Hospital.

The funeral hearse pulls up to the church ahead of Karen's funeral. (SWNS)

Through the months of chemotherapy and invasive treatment, Karen kept a brave face and rarely allowed herself to shed any tears.

But tragically, the cancer spread to her spinal fluid and brain and, in December, she was given the devastating news the condition was terminal.


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Karen passed away at Prospect Hospice, Swindon, on February 4, leaving behind her two sons Harry, 19, and Eddie, 15, and husband Alan.

Reverend Captain Clive Deverell paid tribute to the fun-loving mum during Friday's service.

He said: "She loved being with her friends and families and she had great friends.

Karen, who had two teenage sons, loved coffee and shopping. (SWNS)

"She was a loving mum to her two sons Harry and Eddie. And of course there was Costa, shopping, Costa, shopping and I forgot to say, Costa and shopping.

"She really liked getting herself ready and was always immaculate. If they were going to go on holiday and wanted to arrive on time, Alan's  trick was to set all the clocks in the house one hour early.

"Her humour and her fortitude were impressive. She is making the baristas in heaven's lives rather difficult with her one-shot extra hot skinny lattes."

More than 450 people went to her funeral, with 300 attending the wake.

Lynzi added: "It looked more like a wedding than a wake, she would have loved it."