'I cannot say' - Arsenal chief breaks silence on Man City's 115 charges and agrees with Jurgen Klopp

Arsenal sporting director Edu has followed the lead of former Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp in choosing to praise Pep Guardiola rather than comment on Manchester City's outstanding 115 charges from the Premier League.

City were charged in 2023 for 115 alleged breaches of financial rules - breaches they strongly deny - with the case set to be heard at an undisclosed date. But the delays in preparing the case have frustrated City's rivals, especially those who may stand to benefit if City are found guilty and punished with points deductions or exclusions.

Liverpool and Arsenal are two of those sides, having finished as narrow runners-up to City in recent years, but the Premier League insist the case will take as long as it needs in order to be resolved properly.

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Speaking to Estadao, Edu gave a diplomatic response to a question regarding the charges, saying: "There are things that unfortunately I cannot say what I feel. But all the credit in the world to Pep for the training and work he's been doing since he started his career.

"I even joke with my son that I want to see if he's really good at rugby. It's a joke I make because he's already won everything in football. Winning in all the countries he has been to and has been winning, he has a lot of merit.”

Klopp said before he left Liverpool that regardless of the unresolved charges, City wouldn't have achieved their success without Guardiola.

"No matter what has transpired at Manchester City, Pep Guardiola is the best manager in the world - and that is truly significant," he said. "If you put any other manager in that club, they don't win the league four times in a row. That's down to him and his team.

"Does that mean they can do whatever they want? No. But I don't know what they did - if they did anything - and I'm not here to say they have. We will see. Of course, I would like to know (if City are guilty) one day. Everyone wants to know. But I will be somewhere else.

"The quality of Pep makes the difference so I don't worry about these things. We will see. It's not my problem and I am fine with what we have and what we've achieved."

Edu admitted that the mood at Arsenal is a strange one after finishing with an impressive 89 points in the Premier League, taking the title race to the final day.

“It's a strange feeling, very strange because we ended the season with a feeling that we did everything very well," he said. "From hiring and objectives to renewals. Mikel [Arteta] did a great job and achieved his goals. We did everything we could, but it wasn't enough. There is frustration, but there is also a positive feeling that the process was done well. The work was excellent."