'Canoe Surfing' Group Catch Some Waves Off Hawaiian Coastline

A group of Hawaii natives took to the waves in outrigger canoes to “surf” the clear blue waters off Kona, on the west coast of the Big Island.

In footage posted on May 5, two groups can be seen readying their vessels before taking them to the waters to ride the waves.

Local man Kawika Singson, who regularly posts footage showing some of the natural wonders seen around Hawaii’s landscape and off its shores, shared the footage to his YouTube channel.

“Every now and then when the swells are rolling in some of the local canoe surfers will get in the line up with the surfers and surf the waves with their outrigger canoes,” Singson wrote in a caption for the footage.

Singson’s video is shot both from the beach and using a drone, where he captures impressive shots of the vessels riding alongside regular surfers through the waves.

Outrigger canoes are aided by buoyancy supports attached to one or both sides of the main vessel. According to HawaiianPaddleSports.com, variations of them have been used by those on the island since they first arrived in the region “around 200 AD”. Credit: Kawika Singson via Storyful

Video transcript


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