'I Can't Believe What I'm Seeing': Highly Venomous Snake Found Inside Couch at Australian Home

Australian snake catchers were shocked to find a highly venomous eastern brown snake curled up inside a couch at a home in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Video filmed by Stuart McKenzie shows a snake wrangler coax the reptile out from under the couch, before releasing it in a wooded area.

The eastern brown snake is the second most venomous snake in the world and is responsible for half of all snake related deaths each year in Australia. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- [BLEEP] me. You're kidding.

- What?

- Eastern brown snake.

- Hey? Oh, hey.

- No way. Look at that. Curled up for the afternoon. So you could imagine--

- Like, honestly, I was about to give up. Honestly, I was like, it's gone. Like, I've lifted this up. I've looked everywhere.

- No, I didn't move anywhere. I just kept an eye.

- Oh, that's wild. Like, you could have been sitting there tomorrow and have no idea. You can say that's probably like a 4.5 feet, maybe 4 feet eastern brown snake.

- I can't believe it. I really can't believe it. I can't believe what I'm seeing. I'm in shock.

- I just need to cut some of that stuff out. It's in such a good spot. It's tucked in so well. It's going to come out.

- Hey. Get out, you.

- Just-- yeah. I'll get you to jump back, mate, just in case it comes flying out. We've got the right PPE on.

- [INAUDIBLE] It's going to the other side.

- Oh, he's pretty decent.

- Yeah, he's got a bit of spice to it.

- Oh, and he's up and about too, so we're just going to be really careful here.

- Just because, at the moment, it's kind of in a bit of an awkward spot.

- See, it's a big one. I told you.

- Yeah.

- Woo hoo. No way.

- Wow.

- That is just unbelievable. That was in a couch.

- Yeah.

- We almost gave up thinking it's moved on or something. Who knows?

- Yeah.

- Look at it. It's not the happiest snake on the planet, obviously, but it's just been caught. Look. I'm not going to stuff around too long.

- No.

- Where are we? Mate, you've done a good job because you obviously watched it go in there.

- Yeah.

- I thought it was gone. Flipped the couch and there it was.


- OK. Let's--


- Oh. Woo. Hey, that's awesome.

- See you later.

- See you later, alligator.

- You're obviously not happy. He was ready to settle in for the afternoon underneath the couch. So this is an eastern brown snake. We actually got called out. And to be honest, we didn't really believe. We started not believing the guy actually had a snake, but then we looked underneath the couch and bam. It blended in so well with the weaving, the coloration was almost the same, and there was a 4 foot eastern brown snake, the second most venomous snake on the planet. Unbelievable. So we're going to let this snake go. One of the craziest catches I've definitely been involved with and far out, unbelievable, what a snake. Let's see how it goes. Let me--

- Whoa.