You can't handle Sterling K. Brown's love for Jeff Goldblum

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Warning: mild spoilers for Hotel Artemis ahead.

When we asked Sterling K. Brown and Brian Tyree Henry what they thought of their Hotel Artemis co-star Jeff Goldblum, we expected they’d express appreciation for the iconic actor and jazz maestro. As it turns out, they have appreciation and then some.

“He never got to meet Jeff,” Brown said, referring to his dear friend and co-star Henry. “Have you not even met during the press of the whole thing?”

“No,” responded Henry before adding sadly, “It’s like a dream of mine.”

Brown and Henry play two bank-robbing brothers who after a heist gone awry, must check into the Hotel Artemis, a super-protected hospital-meets-Four Seasons. Goldblum, meanwhile, plays the notorious and dangerous Wolf King, a ruthless killer who masks his misdeeds under the charms of, well, Jeff Goldblum. Though all three are in the cast, Henry and Brown never shared a scene with Goldblum. While Henry missed out on this dream of his, Brown savored an encounter with the Jurassic Park icon (who also appears on screen this weekend in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom).

“I’ve met Jeff,” Brown gleamed. “He’s f***ing amazing. Jeff Goldblum. There’s certain people who you can’t duplicate. Like [Christopher Walken]. He’s one of those dudes who’s so uniquely himself — he makes me pee on myself. When he came into the trailer and met me for the first time … he sort of lavishes this love on you. And you’re like, ‘Does he like me?’ Because he loves everybody.”

“When I saw [‘Hotel Artemis’] and I saw him with the jacket over the shoulders,” said Henry. “He’s a master.”

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