'Can't Wait to Blend In': Millenial Comedian Parodies Gen Z Thanksgiving Conversations

A comedian from Atlanta, Georgia, spoofed conversations she had previously had with her ‘Gen Z’ cousins ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

In footage posted to her TikTok on November 20, Hannah Aslesen mocks conversation topics such as drinking, the environment, and religion, as she is shot down for trying to blend in with her younger relatives.

“The video is a parody based on conversations I’ve had with my cousins who are Gen Z,” she told Storyful.

“I’m a millennial just trying to connect you might say,” she added.

“It’s also a play on the idea that their generation will call you out on things you didn’t realize you were doing wrong,” she said.

Aslesen frequently films herself in short comedy skits that she shares on her TikTok and Instagram. Credit: Hannah Aslesen via Storyful

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