Captain Marvel's Goose Funko Pops are amazing

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Photo credit: Marvel Studios

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A new Marvel movie means new Funko Pop! vinyl figures, and Captain Marvel is no exception.

With Carol Danvers' (Brie Larson) introduction to the MCU as the excellent Captain Marvel, we're now all about the tie-in merchandise – especially when it's furry and adorable.

Introducing the latest Funko Pop! favourite... Goose the cat. (And warning: spoilers for Captain Marvel follow after the picture.)

Photo credit: Marvel Studios

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The first figure of 'Goose Flerken' is based on one of the best moments from the movie – Goose the cat decides to protect the Tesseract on its own and unleashes a mouthful of tentacles to swallow it.

The second one, 'Goose the cat', is just your normal, innocent and lovable Goose. Tentacles very much not on show.

You can pick up each for £9.99, or if you feel so inclined, you can get them both for £18.99.

Elsewhere, other figures include the 'Standard Captain Marvel' figure which comes in the character's iconic red and blue costume, as well as the Star Commander version of Larson's hero.

The full list of Captain Marvel Funko Pop! figures can be found here.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has weighed into Goose's future and whether we're likely to see Nick Fury's feline buddy in the MCU again.

"The fun thing about introducing new characters and all these movies is suddenly going from a character that maybe you'd heard of if you’d read the books, but if you hadn't, you'd never heard of him," explained Feige.

"And then you see the movie, you go, 'I want to see more of that character'. And the fact that you and other people are asking, 'When do we see more of the cat?'

"I don't want to say Tribble-esque, but there's sort of points in those comics where they sort of are in terms of how many appear. So I'm sure there are more Flerken out there. And is Goose out there? She could be."

Captain Marvel is out in cinemas now.

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