Car Breaks Through Ice After Driving Along Frozen Indianapolis Canal

Bystanders helped rescue a driver who had broken through ice in Indianapolis, Indiana, after their car was seen driving along a frozen canal on December 25.

Footage recorded by John Bowling shows the vehicle driving over the icy Indianapolis canal, as he and his friends were ice skating.

“We saw the car come down onto the ice and were surprised to see the ice hold it,” Bowling told Storyful.

Having skated along the canal for several years, Bowling said they “knew that the south end is never frozen,” which was where the vehicle ultimately broke through the ice.

“The water isn’t very deep, and the car was going down slowly, but the driver was not fully aware of the situation, so one of our group jumped in and hauled them out,” Bowling said.

The Indianapolis Fire Department issued a statement on the incident, saying the “driver told firefighters that her GPS took her onto the canal.”

Local news reported the driver was later arrested “for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.” Credit: John Bowling via Storyful

Video transcript

- Car. Yeah, definitely get to the side here.

- Get to the side.

- Yo.

- That is incredible.

- That's so ballsy. (LAUGHS)

- You can see it shaking.

- What?

- Dude.

- Holy. He knows it's stalled down there.

- Ah.

- Ah.

- Well. Yo, yo.


- What? I mean. You got to be.