Family who live on ‘crash corner’ have had eight cars smash through their fence

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A car which crashed into the Robinsons garden in 2018. (SWNS)
A car which crashed into the Robinsons' garden in 2018. (SWNS)

A family who live near a busy road where dozens of cars have crashed fear they may wake up to a body in their garden.

Stuart and Sarah Robinson have endured a series of vehicles careering through their hedge and fence, with at least eight cars ending up in their garden.

The motors have sometimes burst into flames after crashing on a bend outside their home on the A429 in Corston, Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Mum-of-two Sarah, 46, said: "One day we'll turn up to that car in the middle of the night and they'll be someone who hasn't survived the crash and we'll have to deal with that.”

Stuart, also 46, added: "I said to the police, I work in finance, I'm not trained to hold someone's hand as they bleed out in my garden.

"I'm fortunate, despite all these accidents, to never have had that experience.

"But one day we might, and it might not be us, it might be the kids that come across it. That'll be horrific for them."

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Stuart Robinson stands on the A429 in Corston, Malmesbury. (SWNS)
Stuart Robinson stands on the A429 in Corston, Malmesbury. (SWNS)
A crane lifts a car from the Robinsons' garden. (SWNS)
A crane lifts a car from the Robinsons' garden. (SWNS)

But the Robinsons, who have released shocking images of the crashes, said they aren't planning a move from their home of 12 years.

Sarah said she wanted to protect her family from incoming vehicles, but she couldn't bring herself to install a crash barrier or stone wall because it may kill anyone in a vehicle that hits it at high speed.

Instead, the family keep replacing the laurel hedge and fence every time it's destroyed, which helps slow vehicles on impact but is unlikely to result in death.

In March, two separate road traffic collisions sent cars into their garden, leaving the wrecked motors next to their children's swing and trampoline when they were in bed.

The family fear they may not always be so lucky and one day a vehicle will plough through the boundary whilst their youngsters are playing outside.

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Just one of the many crashes at the family's home in Wiltshire. (SWNS)
Just one of the many crashes at the family's home in Wiltshire. (SWNS)

The A429 stretch is a 30mph zone, but that doesn't stop some motorists from speeding through the village.

Some of the collisions were a result of drink driving, or suspected drink driving.

Stuart wants the local council to do more to prevent bad driving - including flashing speed signs and white 'welcome to the village' gates.

He added: "My message to the council is: Don't wait until someone has died. Preempt it, do something now to try and avoid it."

Sarah added the council had put three separate arrows on the bridge on the corner, which took a long time because it’s a “very pretty bridge and there was a lot of pushback about how it would look.”

Wiltshire Council's cabinet member for highways, Councillor Dr Mark McClelland said: “The local highways team is visiting this location to investigate further and review sign and road marking conditions to understand if they meet our intervention criteria.”