Car smashes into historic West Country pub and brings down stone pillar

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A popular pub was left "shaking" after a vehicle collided with a pillar right outside its entrance. Patrons at the Langport Arms were startled by a loud crash as a Peugeot rammed into the establishment on Saturday evening (June 1).

Pub-goers and bystanders rushed to assist the driver, who miraculously escaped harm in the dramatic incident. Part of the pub's distinctive and historic façade has collapsed, damaging the car's roof and windscreen, reports Somerset Live.

The aftermath saw debris strewn across the pavement and road. Bow Street has been sealed off by emergency services while firefighters evaluate the structural integrity of the pub and work to secure the area.

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Tom, an employee at the Langport Arms, confirmed that the pub has temporarily shut down, with patrons asked to evacuate for their own safety. He is hopeful that the balcony is not integral to the building's structure but is awaiting further information from the fire brigade.

Tom recounted the moment of impact, saying: "It was a massive bang and the building shook. Everyone is ok. Obviously we shut the pub and it is just staff in the pub. The fire brigade is here and we are not sure what's going on. The frontage of the balcony is not safe."

Locals expressed their shock at the scene, with many considering it a "miracle" that no one was hurt.

A passerby commented: "I am not sure who the driver is but no one appeared injured and all were out the car safely. Witnesses from the car behind and customers inside the Langport Arms came out to help."

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said: "We were called to a Cheapside, in Langport, shortly after 8.10pm this evening after a car collided with a building. Emergency services are at the scene and the road is currently closed."

Adding to this, a spokesperson for Devon and Somerset Fire Service stated: "I can confirm that crews from Somerton and Taunton were called to the Langport Arms Hotel, in Langport at 8.22pm after a single vehicle struck the property and brought down a stone support for the front porch."

"The driver is free of the vehicle and receiving medical attention from the ambulance service. Crews are working at the scene with acro props to support the porch roof. An internal inspection of the property has revealed there are no deformities to the external wall."

Posting on Facebook this morning (Sunday) the Langport Arms Hotel said the front entrance to the hotel is still blocked and the balcony has been structurally damaged, but that the pub remains open.

The statement added: "Emergency services were called immediately and first aid was offered onsite immediately. We are thankful and very much grateful to our employees who acted so promptly during this shocking and trying time.

"We hope you understand that we will be unable to provide updates upon the incident as we continue to cooperate with the relevant authorities. However we want to make it clear that the hotel bar is open and the Sunday Carvery is still open.

"The side door will be our main entrance for the time being. Due to the current situation, we are unable to offer direct disabled access, however we will endeavour to support as much as we can. Thank you for your continued support and understanding."