Car spins out of control before crashing into electricity post

This is the shocking moment a lorry spun out of control before crashing into an electricity post. The delivery vehicle was approaching a bend when it suddenly switched lanes and drifted onto the side of the road where it hit the post in Phetchabun province on May 24. Due to the impact, the doors of the truck jammed trapping the unconscious driver inside. The shocked owner of a nearby shop called the emergency respondents to help the man. When the rescuers arrived, they had to force open the doors before they were able to pull out the driver who was taken to the hospital for treatment. Shop owner Chang Nat Me Satangphon said the driver survived and the police later arrived to investigate the incident. He said: ‘He appeared to be okay when they took him out. The police arrived to investigate what happened so I gave them a copy of the CCTV footage from my shop.’ The driver is now in stable condition and will be questioned once he was discharged from the hospital.

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