Car swept away into children’s playpark after severe flooding in South Lanarkshire

Incredible footage shows how a car was swept away into a children's playpark by severe flooding. Mum-of-one Vicki Green, 23, captured the scene at the Burnbraes park in Biggar, South Lanarkshire yesterday morning (Thurs) while walking her daughter to school. The carer was stunned to find the car washed up in a children's play park after a burn running through the park burst its banks. She believes it was swept into the play area by floodwater. Vicki said: "The car has maybe tried to cross the little ford over the burn. "People are saying it tried to drive over that and has been washed right down the river and then just got jammed at the bridge. "I was walking my daughter to school when we saw it and I thought I better go check there's no one in it. "Apparently it had been there for a few hours by that point." Filmed on 28th October 2021

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