Caracas Protesters Flee Charging Police Truck

A crowd of anti-government protesters were run over as they fled from an armored police truck, or “tanqueta,” on fire in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas on May 3.

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The violent clashes between protesters and government security forces in Venezuela have drawn criticism from foreign governments that urge Venezuela’s leaders to resolve the intense political and economic strife peacefully and democratically.

Ongoing protests against Maduro have been violently suppressed by the National Guard and police, with more than 25 people killed since the demonstrations began in late March. Activists and opposition leaders say that Maduro’s deployment of the National Police and National Guard violates their constitutional right to peaceful protest.

Leaders of Venezuela’s opposition party, Voluntad Popular, say President Nicholas Maduro is a dictator who won’t allow elections as the country falls deeper into economic crisis. Credit: Twitter/Harley Monseguileman via Storyful