Carbon Neutral Action - Ileesha De Silva Newsteadwood

Carbon Neutral Action - Ileesha De Silva Newsteadwood <i>(Image: Ileesha De Silva)</i>
Carbon Neutral Action - Ileesha De Silva Newsteadwood (Image: Ileesha De Silva)

On the 4th of November, Newsteadwood held their first Carbon Council meeting. There were many opportunities to collaborate as a whole group, but there were 2 main groups which were assigned to different focuses.

There was around an equal amount of people from each year. All willing to make a change and to have an impact. The purpose is to spread awareness about potential issues and raise concerns about certain threats to our surroundings and the wider community. One of the biggest commitments are to change behaviours and attitudes about the climate.

Vivia Shukla quoted, “I like protecting the environment, I want to make an impact, I want to encourage other people in the school to think the same.”

Similarly, Emma Sword said, "I really wanted to make a change in this school. For example, the school canteen - I want to get rid of the wooden cutlery and use reusable metal cutlery instead, there are many changes the school can do to make be more carbon neutral, furthermore I thought that what the carbon council was amazing and really wanted to be a part of it.”

Lastly, Melody Narouei exclaimed, "I believe I can make a change to the Newstead Community.”

Head of Carbon Council, Mr. Botley said, “I want to make an impact on the environment and educate others about climate change and Biology.”

It is a work progress and there have been many subtle improvements with meetings every week.