Cardano Ballot event to mark blockchain’s move into its ‘age of Voltaire’

Intersect – a member-based organisation for the Cardano ecosystem – is to stage a Cardano Ballot event for all Ada holders to have their say on the future decision making process for the Cardano blockchain.

The move marks six-year-old Cardano’s move into its ‘Voltaire’ stage, where it now turns to the community to help decide the next steps forward.

As specified in the ‘CIP-1694’ Cardano Improvement Proposal, it aims to create minimum viable on-chain governance, and gives every holder of Cardano’s native Ada token a say in the future direction of Cardano.

The temperature check on CIP-1694 will be held using Cardano Ballot, developed by the Cardano Foundation in collaboration with Input Output Global. Once CIP-1694 is confirmed, Cardano governance will continue its transition into the hands of the community. This means that Ada holders will be able to create proposals regarding the future of Cardano, have them be presented for a vote and, if successful, be implemented.

Ada holders wishing to vote in the ballot need to have previously staked their tokens to a stake pool operator (SPO) by November 20. Voting opens on December 1 on Cardano Ballot and closes two epochs (10 days) later on December 11. Results are expected on December 16.