Cardiff's acclaimed Tukka Tuk Canteen restaurant shuts less than a year after opening

Tukka Tuk canteen on Whitchurch Road
Tukka Tuk canteen on Whitchurch Road -Credit:WalesOnline/Rob Browne

A restaurant from acclaimed chef Anand George has closed less than a year after opening. The Tukka Tuk Canteen on Whitchurch Road in Cardiff has announced its closure after opening in September last year.

A statement posted to the restaurants Instagram account said that it was with a "very heavy heart" the restaurant has decided to close its doors permanently. Alluding to the difficult hospitality industry, the statement described how "there is a time when surrender seems the only route possible."

WalesOnline news editor Anna Lewis reviewed the restaurant upon its opening last year and described it as "something very special". A number of restaurants have closed their doors in Cardiff this year, often citing financial challenges the industry is facing at the moment.

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A statement posted to the Tukka Tuk Canteen Instagram account said: "It is with very heavy hearts that we wish to inform you all of our decision to close permanently our Tukka Tuk Canteen. For the past year we have tried our hardest to fight the hospitality battle that we know everyone is fighting, but there is a time when surrender seems the only route possible.

"We wish to personally thank each and every person that has chosen to dine with us, for all the great reviews and comments, it has been wonderful to serve you all.

"Closing the Canteen can mean we put more love into our street food venture, its business as usual at our three outlets, and who knows what the future holds... the current climate can never dampen our love and passion for creating the best of Indian food and sharing with you all right?

"We look forward to welcoming you to our street food outles and thank you all for your understanding. Rupali, Anand and the team at Tukka Tuk." For the latest restaurant reviews, sign up to our food and drink newsletter here

Idiyappam (aka String Hoppers) and Sambol
The food was rated highly by customers -Credit:WalesOnline/Rob Browne

Tukka Tuk Canteen was a new venture from Anand George a Michelin-favoured chef and owner of the Purple Poppadom. Tukka Tuk also has a stall in Cardiff Market and at Barry's Goodsheds.