Care home residents taking up drumming to keep fit

Netley Court resident, Jean Abbott, age 93, enjoying the Drum Fit class. <i>(Image: Cinnamon Care Collection)</i>
Netley Court resident, Jean Abbott, age 93, enjoying the Drum Fit class. (Image: Cinnamon Care Collection)

CARE home residents in their 80s and 90s have been releasing their inner pop star during drum fit classes. 

Four Cinnamon Care Collection properties have become the first in the UK to have trained and qualified drum exercise instructors among their staff.

The new classes are helping improve the mental and physical health of residents at Netley Court in Netley, Sunnybank House in Eastleigh, Mornington Court in New Milton and Wellington Vale in Waterlooville.

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The classes, exciting new additions to the activity and wellbeing programmes at all four homes, are seated, drum-based exercises - a great way to get less active people moving.

With lively sing-a-long music and drumming routines that stimulate movement, this physical activity programme also engages participants mentally.

Joan Runacres, age 98, took part in a class at Netley Court, She said: "I can’t believe how much fun that was, and the best thing is that my shoulders feel great today after the class. I can’t wait for the next one!"

Rae Peacock, age 85, who took part in a Drum Fit session at Sunnybank House in Eastleigh, added: "I enjoyed the music and exercise but my favourite part was having fun with other people!"

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

The benefits of drumming include stress relief, increased circulation, improved cognitive function, decreased pain levels and increased energy.

Research has found that drumming stimulates the prefrontal cortex and improves cognition in older adults, with both exercise and drumming providing benefits for the ageing mind.

Geoff Pride, Cinnamon Care Collection Activities Support Consultant, told the Daily Echo: "This workout class encourages participants to release the popstar within! With exercises designed to improve coordination, mobility, strength, balance and more, residents of all ages and fitness levels benefit from a body workout that also promotes health benefits for the mind."

Cinnamon Care Collection owns and operates 20 luxury care homes in England, providing exceptional residential, dementia and respite care.


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