Care worker sanctioned for failing to declare potential 'conflict of interest issue'

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) placed a warning on Hand’s registration for a period of 12 months
-Credit: (Image: UGC/Ayrshire Live)

A support worker for an Ayrshire care firm has been sanctioned for what the industry regulator deemed an issue surrounding a potential “conflict of interest.”

Gordon Hand was adjudged to have breached the rules while working as a care assistant for Constance Care Limited in Kilmarnock.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) said Hand’s fitness to practise was impaired between late August 2022 to around late January 2023.

They said he should have declared issues that might have created conflicts of interest and it was incumbent on him to make sure they did “not influence” his judgment and practice. The exact nature of the information Hand should have disclosed - but failed to do so - was redacted from the SSSC papers.

The SSSC told Hand: “Social service workers are expected not to place themselves or others at unnecessary risk. They are also expected to declare issues that might create conflicts of interest and make sure they do not influence their judgment and practice.

“This amounts to a failure to disclose a conflict of interest.”

While this was the only concern that had been raised about Hand, it occurred over a “prolonged period of time” during his employment, said the SSSC.

The report continues: “You (Hand) had no previous experience of working in social services prior to your employment with Constance Care. You have shown limited insight into your behaviour and accepted to your employer that you had not read any of the policies in place to protect workers and people who use services.

“You (Hand) failed to acknowledge why not disclosing [information redacted] problematic. You have not worked in social services since leaving your employment with Constance Care in around February 2023, and there is therefore no evidence of your current practice or remediation. The risk of repetition of your behaviour therefore appears to be moderate.”

A warning was placed on Hand’s registration for a period of 12 months.

The report adds: “The public would expect the SSSC to take action to mark the behaviour as unacceptable and to uphold confidence in the profession.”

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