Cargo ship beached in Gibraltar after colliding with gas tanker

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The scene after the cargo ship OS35 collided with tanker Adam LNG (REUTERS)
The scene after the cargo ship OS35 collided with tanker Adam LNG (REUTERS)

A cargo ship that collided with a gas carrier has been beached in the Bay of Gibraltar to stop it sinking.

A Gibraltar government spokesman said the situation is under control, the ship is not in danger, and there has been no environmental impact so far.

Nobody has been injured and boons were placed in the area to contain any possible fuel seepage - a statement said.

It added that the cargo ship sustained "significant damage to the vessel's starboard side", including a gash below the waterline measuring approximately 10m by 4m.

Nobody was injured in the incident (REUTERS)
Nobody was injured in the incident (REUTERS)

The statement said the Adam LNG carrier appeared to have suffered no significant damage, except for a superficial dent.

It said a specialist marine salvage team from the Netherlands was due to arrive in Gibraltar later to conduct a full on-site assessment.

The spokesman said they had no reports of damage to the LNG carrier.

He said the cargo vessel was resting on the seabed in 17 metres (56ft) of water close to the coast with no damage to the hull.

The ship was carrying steel bars.

The Gibraltar government said it had set up a 200-metre exclusion zone around the stricken ship but that the Port of Gibraltar had reopened and was functioning as normal.

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