Caribbean island that only allowed in visitors who earned over £50,000 set to open for all

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Montserrat (WikimediaCommons)
Montserrat (WikimediaCommons)

A Caribbean island that since April has only allowed in a handful of wealthy tourists in a bid to keep down Covid cases is finally opening up to all.

Montserrat opened its borders in April this year - but only to the wealthiest holidaymakers who reportedly had to earn over $70,000 (£50,000) were allowed in. Furthermore, they had to stay for a minimum of two months.

Officals reported said the move was to keep Covid at bay while maintaining some tourism. There have been only 33 cases and one Covid-related death on the island.

But just a quarter of the nearly 5,000 inhabitants are vaccinated.

The New York Times reports just 21 people have visited the island in recent months.

The island’s entry rules are about to change - and from1 October, all vaccinated tourists will be welcome on Montserrat.

Visitors will not have to stay for two months, either.

The island, which is a British territory, on the green travel list for UK holidaymakers.

But Montserrat is also currently in its hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

Ms Krystal Bajkor is one of the few people who have visited the island in recent months. She told the New York Times.

“I remember toward the beginning of the pandemic, I was like, man, I wonder if there’s places in the world that are not dealing with any of this craziness,.

“There’s nothing that can kill you here except the volcano.”

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