Carjacking Suspects Charged After Backing Into Police Car, Colliding With School Bus

Two suspects were arrested and charged after a stolen Jeep collided with a school bus in Rochester, New York, on March 15, police said.

Raymond Gonzalez recorded this video and told Storyful he was leaving a corner store when he heard police sirens and saw the chase.

In a statement, the Rochester Police Department (RPD) told Storyful the vehicle, a red Jeep, was stolen at knifepoint from a 51-year-old female who was leaving work. Officers then spotted the stolen Jeep, began a traffic stop on the vehicle, and attempted to call out the occupants, when the driver reversed into a police car.

The officers then began their pursuit, police said. The video shows a red Jeep driving the wrong way down Roycroft Street before reaching the intersection, where it collides with the school bus. The occupants of the Jeep begin to flee on foot, and officers can be heard yelling at them to get on the ground.

The RPD said the suspects were taken into custody by responding officers without further incident. In a follow-up to the investigation, the police learned one of the suspects was responsible for the knifepoint carjacking, and learned the female victim was injured and received medical treatment.

Two suspects, ages 20 and 23, were charged with crimes including first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, according to local reports.

According to the RPD, none of the 17 student bus passengers, nor the bus driver, were injured in the crash. The Rochester City School District was made aware of the crash, and arranged for each student to be transported home, police said. Credit: Raymond Gonzalez via Storyful