Carley Stenson won't be doing headbangers

Carley Stenson and Mark Hanretty won't be doing the headbanger credit:Bang Showbiz
Carley Stenson and Mark Hanretty won't be doing the headbanger credit:Bang Showbiz

Carley Stenson's mum has "banned" her from doing the headbanger on 'Dancing on Ice'.

The former 'Hollyoaks' actress and her professional partner Mark Hanretty are planning some "impressive" moves on the ice to conceal the fact they won't be doing the risky move, which sees the female skater held by her ankles and raised and lowered while the pair spin.

She said of doing the headbanger: "No, I’m not allowed to, my mum said I’m not allowed.

"No genuinely, we’ve said we’re going to try and find something that’s just as challenging and just as impressive, so that’s a lot of homework for Mark."

Carley is keen to go all the way in the competition, particularly for her professional partner.

She said: "I've said and in God's honest truth, I want to be in it for as long as possible because I don't want the experience to end.

"It would be beautiful to win, especially for Mark. It would make no difference to me, though that would be lovely, but Mark, you know would have got got me there. So it's... I don't want to leave early."

And the 40-year-old actress has another reason to want to be in the final - to silence her competitive husband, 'Strictly Come Dancing' runner-up Danny Mac.

She said: "He's massively supportive. He's like, 'Come on Carls, this is your time now don't worry about me and Skye, I've got it covered, focus on you!' He is great like that.

"But then he also does add in, 'I was runner-up though babe!' So I have to beat him in that sense!

"So if I just said that if I make the final we'll be equal and it'll be fine! But it will be fun though!"

When Danny took part in 'Strictly' in 2016, he was partnered by Oti Mabuse, and the dancer has stayed friends with both him and Carley - but though she is now a judge on 'Dancing On Ice', she won't be going easy on the actress.

Carley said: "I'm really nervous and excited about what Oti is going to say because obviously she danced with Danny!

"She's fierce, she's a fierce friend and she's already said to me, 'I'm not gonna hold back Carls, just because we're friends!

"But I want to be judged by Oti, Oti's amazing. So I want full Oti! I'm scared that I've said that now! I'm ready... no I'm not ready for her at all!"