Carmelo Anthony pens letter to OKC: 'I will always cherish and never forget'

Carmelo Anthony thanked OKC fans for his time with the Thunder that he “will always cherish and never forget.” (AP)

There’s something about Oklahoma City and the Thunder that those of us outside of the Sooner State just don’t get.

The city and team that convinced Paul George to pass on his childhood dream of playing for the Los Angeles Lakers — next to LeBron James! — has now elicited a genuine heartfelt letter from a dude that it ran out of town.

Carmelo Anthony appears to have real feelings for OKC

Carmelo Anthony penned a now ubiquitous goodbye letter to Oklahoma City after spending one miserable basketball year with the Thunder, and he appears to have palpable feelings for the region.

The note appeared in Tuesday’s edition of The Oklahoman.

Thank You, OKC

I know it was only one season, but from the time I arrived in OKC, I was greeted with so much love from The Team, The Organization, and of course the INCREDIBLE fans of this amazing city. Throughout the entire season, game after game, you cheered me on and rooted for us as a team. That is something I will always cherish and never forget. That genuine support kept me going all season long.

IN LIFE, I’ve learned that things don’t always turn out how you want. I wanted nothing more than to make it work here & help bring this city a championship. I’m sorry it didn’t work out while I was here.

Thank you to Russ, PG, Sam Presti, Coach Billy Donovan, my trainers and the entire staff who work so hard and diligently at Chesapeake Energy Arena and the practice facility. I appreciate you all very much. Last but not least, Thank You to (Thunder part-owner and chairman) Mr. (Clay) Bennett for believing in me.

This chapter of my career may be coming to an end but my story is far from over.

Love Always.


Anthony hits up all the key players in his letter — the fans, owner, management, arena staff and fellow (ahem) superstars before signing off with his signature STAYME-seven-oh.

OKC has a certain something with NBA players

There’s clearly something about playing in a small-market city that pours its heart into a pro team like a college fanbase that makes an impact on players. Sure, James Harden and Kevin Durant got out of town. But in addition to enticing George to stay, the Thunder compelled Russell Westbrook to re-up long term when he had a chance to explore his options.

And even though the Thunder parted ways with Anthony after he posted career lows of 16.7 points per game and 40.4 percent field goal shooting while languishing on the bench in crunch time last season, he still has good feelings about his time there.

Then again, Anthony is due to make almost $28 million next season despite his failure with the Thunder. When thinking about things on those terms, it’s easy to understand Anthony’s fuzzy feelings for OKC.

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