Carol Kirkwood: BBC weather presenter responds to awkward ‘doggers’ mix-up live on air

Rory Sullivan
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A BBC weather presenter has apologised for a mix-up live on air in which she said there were lots of doggers in a London park on Monday morning.

Carol Kirkwood, who quickly corrected herself, had meant to say that there were many dog walkers and joggers outside making the most of the hot weather.

Speaking about the sunny conditions in a live broadcast from Greenwich Park, London, Ms Kirkwood said: “Look at it. Fabulous. The sun is beating down. We’ve seen lots of doggers - not doggers of course, lots of dog walkers and joggers around here over the course of this morning.”

The weather presenter took to Twitter on Monday morning to say sorry and to explain her mistake.

“That will teach me to try and say joggers and dog walkers in the same sentence!!! Sorry!” she tweeted.

Social media users responded to her messaging by congratulating her for keeping a straight face despite the slip.

In her forecast, Ms Kirkwood said that it would remain hot and humid this week, with an increased chance of thunderstorms across the UK.

According to the Met Office, the south of England could see highs of above 35C for three consecutive days from Monday to Wednesday.

If this prediction is accurate, it would be only the fourth time on record that a spell of such warm weather has happened in the UK.

The last similar heatwave was recorded in August 1990, with the other two occurrences both taking place in the summer of 1967.

Amid the good weather, the Met Office has warned that there could be severe thunderstorms across the UK from Monday to Thursday.

On Monday, some isolated areas in the west of the UK could see a month’s worth of rain fall in just three hours.

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