Carol Vorderman cautions new Prime Minister Keir Starmer on post-victory challenges

Carol Vorderman has issued a warning to Sir Keir Starmer to keep his feet on the ground as he comes down from his landslide victory, hours after inflicting the worst Conservative defeat in modern history
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Carol Vorderman has issued a stern warning to Sir Keir Starmer, advising him to remain grounded following his landslide victory, which resulted in the most significant Conservative defeat in modern history. The national figure stayed awake until 8am to witness the dawn of a new era under Labour rule, but she is not naive enough to believe that the battered Tories will remain down for long.

The spirited 63-year-old leftist is fully aware that many people voted tactically to oust the deeply unpopular party, rather than out of affection for Labour. Indeed, the Pride of Britain host was part of the savvy team behind the tactical voting website

This dedicated platform allowed Brits to enter their postcode and instantly receive advice on how best to vote to prevent a Tory candidate from winning in their constituency, based on the latest polls, reports the Mirror. Despite Labour's substantial parliamentary majority of 174, she warned that many will expect immediate results as the nation's reconstruction begins.

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Speaking to The Mirror, Carol expressed her pride and championed the power of the people. However, she made it clear that anyone expecting the Tories to accept their massive defeat without a fight is in for a surprise.

The former Countdown favourite said: "It was a wonderful night. I'll be totally honest, I've slept most of the day - I didn't go to bed until 8am. This needed to happen, the country desperately needed change and at last we've got it. We can look forward at last and build a brighter Tory-free future.

"This is the worst result in their history, but I don't think this is the end of them. What happens in the next ten years will define what happens to the country. Labour really have to come up with this goods. This wasn't just a vote of 'we love you, we want you in power' - this was a more 'we've had enough of the others'.

"Labour will know that, they'll be aware that this was, for a lot of people, a vote to get rid of the Tories. You saw that with the amount of people who tapped their postcode into our website. They have to get this right. It's not a warning, it's more a word to the wise really. They have to.

"This whole sense of building trust and it costing no money - well, there has not been much kindness for 14 years. The thing that has got me is the power of the people when we work together, nothing can top that. Thanks to some coordinated tactical voting in this election, the unthinkable became possible."

The TV star turned campaigner has become fixated with the political landscape in recent years and reeled off a list of Tory scandals, including the so-called VIP lane for PPE Covid contracts which enriched Conservatives supporters. Although politically independent, she feels certain the UK is in a better place.

After meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace, Sir Keir has fully stepped into Rishi Sunak's shoes and started gathering his new cabinet. It's a surprising twist of fate for Labour after they could only secure 203 seats under former leader Jeremy Corbyn in 2019 - their most dismal performance considering the number of seats since 1935.

"I think they're going to be quite strident," Carol added. "Fundamentally we have had Gremlins in No10 who have just ransacked the house and tried to nick the lead off the roof. They'll be going in and discovering what's left. They've got those issues to deal with, some many of them. In terms of cleaning up politics, they're crack on. I think we'll see a lot of changes, well I bloody well hope we do!"