Carrie Underwood makes a powerful return to the stage after life-changing face surgery

Lydia Hawken
Heartwarming comeback: Carrie Underwood's first performance since her accident left audience stunned: Ethan Miller/Getty

Country music sensation Carrie Underwood has given her first performance since suffering a life-altering face injury in November last year.

Underwood debuted her new single, Cry Pretty, in an emotional performance at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

The 2004 American Idol winner wore a glittery silver mini dress for the performance which matched the rhinestone teardrops that cascaded down her face in honour of the song’s name.

Despite the extent of Underwood’s injuries and the star’s warning that she “might look a little different”, the results of the trauma were undetectable and hidden by make-up.

Joint Effort: Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood triumphed for their single, The Fighter(Ethan Miller/Getty)

Underwood’s performance of her latest power ballad elicited a standing ovation from the crowd of fellow country musicians.

Since her accident, Underwood has showcased her fighting spirit with the release of two duets, entitled ‘The Champion’ and ‘The Fighter’, with artists Ludacris and Keith Urban.

Following her performance, Underwood went on to win Vocal Event of the Year for her collaboration with Keith Urban yet narrowly missed out on Female Artist of the Year, an accolade she has won three times previously.

Although Underwood has not shared the explicit circumstances of her fall, she was forced to undergo emergency facial surgery and have almost 50 stitches in what she calls a “freak, random accident” at her home.

In a series of open letters to her fans, Underwood told fans that she is “doing pretty darn good these days” and to stay tuned for new music as well as plans for an upcoming tour.