Cars smashed and abandoned after drivers plough across new North East cycle lane

Cars smashed and abandoned after drivers plow across new North East cycle lane <i>(Image: Picture: LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTING)</i>
Cars smashed and abandoned after drivers plow across new North East cycle lane (Image: Picture: LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTING)

Cars have been smashed up after drivers tried to plough straight across a cycle lane following a road closure.

As part of the planning application for Six Centre Square, approval was given to close part of Grange Road in Middlesbrough so the office block’s car park would only be accessed via Melrose Street.

Previously, the road ran through the middle of the cycle lane, but now bike riders will be separated from cars with the new pavement that’s been installed.

However, following the change, car parts have been left strewn across the raised sections after drivers have attempted to go straight over the cycle lane.

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In one photo you can see a car’s bumper discarded, while in another a car has been dumped after it was smashed up while skidding over the section closed off to vehicles.

The abandoned car, which had already lost its bumper, then had its tyres taken and windows smashed in. It has since been cleared away.

Signs have now appeared at the site to make the new layout clear to drivers.

The planning application documents state that the changes will improve the situation for pedestrians and allow for a connection between the cycle paths on either side of the road.

A Middlesbrough Council spokesperson said: “The Grange Road scheme has been installed in line with the design set out in the planning application. However, to assist during the early implementation stage temporary signage and barriers have been put in place to help make motorists aware of the changes.”

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Six Centre Square will be home to 450 staff from global insurance firm AXA UK. The external works have finished and now there’ll be huge fit-out to make it ready for workers.

Commercial property agents Dodds Brown and APP Jackson & Partners from North Yorkshire have been commissioned to find tenants for a top-floor and ground-floor suite which are still available.

The office space was built by developer Ashall Projects on behalf of the Tees Valley Combined Authority. Middlesbrough Council also contributed a £2m grant.