Cars vandalised after being left on residential street 'for three weeks to avoid Luton Airport parking charges'

Cars left on a residential street to avoid car parking charges at nearby Luton Airport have been left smashed up and vandalised.

The vehicles were allegedly left on the street in Luton, Bedfordshire, by holidaymakers who don’t want to pay for parking at the airport.

But two cars on the road had their windows smashed and another was covered in white paint by vandals.

A message on the car, written in paint, reads: ‘Selfish git’.

Another daubed message on the car reads: ‘Too tight to pay for airport parking’.

The windows of a Range Rover and another vehicle were smashed.

One car had its window smashed and graffiti painted on it (Pictures: Caters)
One car had its window smashed and graffiti painted on it (Pictures: Caters)

The car with the graffiti, a Peugeot, is believed to have been in the street for more than two weeks while its owners were on holiday.

Residents on the street, a 10-minute drive from Luton Airport, say there has always been a problem with holidaymakers leaving their cars for long periods.


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Angela Baldwin, 37, whose sister Sarah lives on the road, said: ‘The owners are going to have a shock when they get back of their holiday.

‘They were obviously seen walking off with their cases. Personally I think this is a little extreme.

‘I’ve heard that the person who wrote on the car did only that and since then the windows have been smashed and the other damage caused by kids.

‘The writing looks easily washed off, however, since the writing was done, that then has given whoever the green light to smash it up.’

Samir Hissaund, 32, an IT consultant, has a Ford Focus parked outside his property with graffiti written on it.

‘The car parked there three or four weeks ago now,’ he said.

‘It’s a regular occurrence for people to park on our street when they go to the airport. There’s always cars parked outside houses.

The street is a ten-minute drive away from Luton Airport (Picture: Rex)
The street is a ten-minute drive away from Luton Airport (Picture: Rex)

‘After a couple of weeks, the council actually put a notice on it to say it was an abandoned vehicle and after that, the windows were smashed.

‘I know they were smashed with a brick because one was sat on the driver’s seat. There was another car further up the street and both had white writing on them.

‘This happens quite regularly and I’ve probably seen upwards of 10 cars with this writing on them. Residents on this street have also written “no airport parking” in the road.

‘I got a leaflet through the door which stated that the council are in consultation about introducing a permit scheme.’