Cars on Virginia Interstate Start Moving After Being Stranded Overnight

Cars started moving on Interstate 95 near Stafford, Virginia, in the morning hours of January 4 after severe weather left the highway blocked overnight.

The Virginia Department of Transportation reported a number of “major incidents” involving “disabled or crashed tractor-trailers” on January 3, and said early the following day crews were working “to remove stopped trucks, treat for icing, and plow snow.”

“It has taken me 13 hours to go 13 miles,” said Susan Phalen, who was stuck overnight. She said she spent 11 hours in the gridlock before the cars on northbound
I-95 started moving.

This footage, filmed by Phalen, shows cars edging forward on the “slushy and bumpy” roads, while some trucks are still stranded. Credit: Susan Phalen via Storyful