Cash in the Attic reboot with Chris Kamara and Jules Hudson

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Chris Kamara is joining as co-host credit:Bang Showbiz
Chris Kamara is joining as co-host credit:Bang Showbiz

'Cash in the Attic' is returning with co-hosts Chris Kamara and Jules Hudson.

The football pundit has signed up for the reboot - which comes a decade after it was cancelled by the BBC - and he'll be fronting the show alongside the returning presenter on Channel 5.

Jules said: "I'm really excited and very proud to be returning to host 'Cash in the Attic'.

"I can't wait to get back into attics and auction rooms across the country, helping our viewers raise some welcome extra funds to make their dreams come true.

"The series was a firm favourite the first time around, and I'm sure its return will be welcomed once again, nearly a decade after it left our screens."

Meanwhile, Kamara is keen to help people transform their "old stuff" into money.

He added: "I'm looking forward to helping people turn their old stuff into some unbelievable cash."

Meanwhile, it's said the format will remain uncharged despite the new host and home, with producers keen to keep the focus on finding hidden treasures.

An insider told The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column: "Of course, Kammy brings his own charm to proceedings, but fans of the original show will finds lots that they recognise in the new version.

"If it's not broke, don't fix it, so the reboot has simply been refreshed. In the 10 years the show has been off air a lot has changed in the antique world.

"There's a new desire for vintage and shabby chic, so there's the hope that a new generation of treasure hunters will tune in."

Meanwhile, producers felt the way technology has changed the antique world over the past decade meant they didn't need to make any drastic alterations to the programme itself.

The source added: "And so much is now online as well. The marketplace is new and fresh so there was no need to change the format."

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