The cast of 'The Mandalorian' on season 3

Pedro Pascal and Rick Famuyiwa talk to Yahoo Entertainment about season 3 of The Mandalorian. Pascal also reveals how he’s already lobbied for Nicolas Cage to enter the Star Wars universe.

Video transcript

- All right, kid. Hang on. You ready for an adventure?

KEVIN POLOWY: Not that we want you guys to do anything different, the way the series has been going through two seasons, but how does this sort of evolve the Star Wars universe, season three?

RICK FAMUYIWA: I mean, I think it both expands upon just the Mandalorian, the idea of Mandalorians, the culture of Mandalorians. But as the storytelling starts to evolve, we have characters that have been introduced in "Mandalorian," like Ahsoka, that are now a part of the bigger storytelling going on in "Star Wars."

So this season, without really a master plan, you never know where it's going to go. But we've been bringing together a lot of the characters within our show, and Dave Filoni and his others. So it's-- we got a lot to say in "Star Wars," so we're gonna keep saying it.

KATEE SACKHOFF: So this season, there-- as you witnessed in the trailer, there are a lot more Mandalorians in this season. And with that many Mandalorians in one room, things are bound to go wrong. So I just can't wait for people to see that.

I think this season is different. I think that it is "The Mandalorian," it's everything that people have come to love and know about the show. But I do believe that this season is a little faster-paced, and I do believe that tonally, it has-- it's like a moving train and you just got to get on.

KEVIN POLOWY: Is Din ever gonna find love, beyond baby Grogu?

PEDRO PASCAL: That's a good question. I hope so. Who needs love?

KEVIN POLOWY: What's his type? That's what I want to know.

PEDRO PASCAL: Exactly. I think he's got to figure that out first.

RICK FAMUYIWA: It's tough when you have a kid. It's tough dating.

KEVIN POLOWY: It's tough--

RICK FAMUYIWA: It's tough stuff, yeah.

KEVIN POLOWY: Exactly. Who's gonna babysit a little Jedi?


KEVIN POLOWY: I don't know. As a massive fan of massive talent--


KEVIN POLOWY: Have you tried to recruit Nick Cage into the "Star Wars" universe yet?

PEDRO PASCAL: That's a question for you guys let's just say yes. I already suggested-- I already said that he would make a great Mandalorian.


RICK FAMUYIWA: I think he would.

PEDRO PASCAL: So now it's on you. Where's Kathleen?

RICK FAMUYIWA: Would he wear a helmet or not? That's [INAUDIBLE].

PEDRO PASCAL: He'd wear a helmet.

RICK FAMUYIWA: He'd wear a helmet?

KEVIN POLOWY: He would wear a helmet?

PEDRO PASCAL: Absolutely.

KEVIN POLOWY: So it's in the works, is what you're telling us.

PEDRO PASCAL: But he could--

RICK FAMUYIWA: You never know. You never know when--

PEDRO PASCAL: He could be one of [INAUDIBLE].