Casualty celebrates 35th anniversary by bringing back former characters

BBC One medical drama Casualty has celebrated its 35th anniversary with a dramatic feature-length episode.

A number of characters returned to the soap to mark the occasion.

Tony Marshall, Charles Dale and Richard Winsor reprised their roles in the episode as Noel Garcia, MacKenzie “Big Mac” Chalker and Cal Knight respectively.

The episode showed Ethan Hardy, who was grieving following the death of Fenisha on their wedding day, rushed to hospital with a fever as he suffers from hallucinations which take him back to 2016.

He subconsciously sought guidance from the former characters during the episode.

Cal Knight exited the soap in 2017 when he was stabbed by Scott Ellisson.

Noel Garcia died at the beginning of the year in a Bafta award-winning coronavirus episode of the show.

Meanwhile, MacKenzie “Big Mac” Chalker was last seen in the hospital in 2016 when he left after admitting to stealing medicine.

Two new characters entered the programme on Saturday.

They are Stevie, played by Elinor Lawless, and paramedic Teddy, played by Milo Clarke.

Casualty, which tells the story of life in Holby City Hospital, began in 1986.