Casualty fans are ALL saying the same thing about Teddy

 EMBARGOED 09/04/24 Teddy Gowan relives his nightmare assault in Casualty episode Breathe with Me.
EMBARGOED 09/04/24 Teddy Gowan relives his nightmare assault in Casualty episode Breathe with Me.

Casualty viewers are getting seriously concerned over the welfare of Teddy after Saturday night's episode saw him embroiled in a dangerous situation with fellow paramedic Iain.

In last night's instalment of Casualty (which aired on Saturday 18th May), we saw Iain Dean (played by Michael Stevenson) and Teddy Gowan (played by Milo Clarke) were called out to a remote farmhouse where a woman called Morgan had been attacked by a crossbow.

Teddy headed outside despite warnings that he might be in danger, and then narrowly missed a shot from the crossbow. While the pair made it safely back to Holby, it's clear that the situation was harrowing for both.

These recent events promoted Teddy to open up about his previous experience of sexual assault, much to the relief of viewers who have become concerned about his welfare.

'I'm glad Teddy has told Jodie the truth of what happened in the back of the ambulance,' wrote on Casualty fan on X (formerly Twitter).

While another said, 'Today's #Casualty was so, so, so good. The Iain/Teddy scenes at the start was so! blooming! tense! also loving Nicole more & more; especially her friendship with Ngozi. And Rash...'

Meanwhile, another wrote, 'On a more serious note though, I'm glad that Teddy is finally talking to someone, and acknowledging what happened to him. I hope Jodie can help him through it.'

While another wrote, 'Finally Teddy is starting to open up about his ordeal to Jodie and Iain and faith kiss let’s see how long that will last.'

While another said, 'This evening's episode of casualty has stomped on my heart with Teddy's and Nicole's storyline, but then Faith and Iain made it that bit better.'

What's next for Teddy after his ordeal? Tune in next week to find out.

Tune in next week on Saturday 1st June to find out what's next in store for Teddy, Iain and the rest of the residents of Holby ED.

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