Casualty fans are ALL saying the same thing about this 'slimy' character

 Patrick has his eye on Dylan in Casualty. .
Patrick has his eye on Dylan in Casualty. .

Casualty viewers have had enough of Clinical Lead Patrick Onley (played by Jamie Glover) after last night's antics.

In the latest instalment of Casualty (which aired Saturday 4th May 2024) we saw Dylan Keogh and Stevie Nash try to prove that Patrick is a danger to patients, but Patrick has some sly tricks up his sleeve to try and discredit them.

'Patrick is such a slimy git,' wrote one fan one X (formerly Twitter).

While another said, 'Isn't Holby grim enough without having a character like Patrick?'

While another said of Patrick, 'Well. The arrogance. He's wan o thon medics wha creates issues wi patients so they cin swoop in an save the day, a malignant hero. He's anely still workin acause he's got freends in high places.'

And another wrote, 'So Patrick really is ANOTHER villain. How long will he be on because I’m so over all of these villains on my soaps and dramas?'

While another fan commented on Stevie's reaction to Patrick, writing, 'I know Stevie is over compensating cos her and Dylan don't want Patrick near patients, but she's basically running that department and has been for weeks... make her clinical lead already.'

While another wrote, issuing a low blow, 'Patrick seems like the sort of person who used to run the Post Office.'

And another asked, 'Can something awful happen to Patrick? Worst character since Rita.'

We'd imagine there are going to be some consequences. Watch this space...

Tune in next week on Saturday 4th May to find out what's next in store for Patrick and the rest of the residents of Holby ED.

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