Cat Deeley's appearance leaves This Morning viewers distracted as they ask 'Who dressed her?'

During Wednesday's episode of This Morning, viewers were left distracted as host Cat Deeley's choice of footwear sparked a social media frenzy.

As she and co-host Ben Shephard discussed the benefits of staying fit, with weightlifting being highlighted as a top activity for maintaining fitness into your later years, it was Cat's shoes that unexpectedly took centre stage.

The hosts were chatting with 70 year old Melanie Lester, a proud gold medallist for Team GB at the European Women's Masters Classic Powerlifting Championships, before she demonstrated her impressive lifting skills. However, viewers couldn't help but comment on Cat's black gladiator sandals - a rare sight since presenters are usually seen only from the waist up.

Disgruntled fans didn't hold back on Twitter, sharing their thoughts on Cat's shoe choice, according to the Express.

Cat Deeley's outfit stole the show on Wednesday morning
Cat Deeley's outfit stole the show on Wednesday morning -Credit:ITV

One user bluntly commented: "I'm sorry but Cat Deeley's sandals! " while another added: "Cat's sandals are just vile." A third person chimed in: "What's Cat got on her feet..." and another asked the burning question: "Who dressed Cat?"

Someone humorously remarked: "Much talk about Cat's sandals so I've had to have a look." Yet, not everyone was critical; one fan defended: "Everyone being mean about Cat's lovely sandals... I like them #thismorning."

Curiosity was piqued for another who pleaded: "Show us Cats sandals I want to make judgement!"

This Morning viewers were left distracted
This Morning viewers were left distracted -Credit:ITV

As the interview with Melanie progressed, viewers learned that she boasts a formidable deadlift record of 130kg. In a surprising turn of events, Ben admitted to his co-host, Cat, that he couldn't manage to lift 130 kilos which prompted an astounded response from her: "You can't?! Even with those guns? ".

Ben revealed that the primary reason for not overdoing it was to safeguard his back, saying: "I have to be very careful of not trying to go too far. Although, I'll be more tempted now I know that Melanie is doing 130 kilos! ".

Cracking up at Ben's competitive streak, they the scene for Melanie to display her prowess, emphasising the significance of correct form to evade injuries.

Cat Deeley revealed the age of one of their guests on This Morning
Cat Deeley's footwear didn't keep fans distracted for too long as weightlifter Melanie was on the scene -Credit:ITV

Although the weight planned for Melanie was just 100kg, not quite reaching her record-breaking lift, the 70-year-old hoisted the bar with consummate ease. The room burst into cheers as the weight thudded against the floor and Cat enthusiastically praised Melanie: "Melanie! Absolutely incredible."

When asked about how she'd encourage older individuals contemplating starting weightlifting, Melanie encouraged: "Any age start! It's not the weights that you do, it's just getting started, learning to do the form correctly and the sky's the limit."

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