Cat Gives Hungry Raccoon 'Death Stare' as It Gobbles Food on Porch

A cat was caught on camera giving what a passerby described as a “death stare” to a raccoon, as the animal tucked into the contents of a food bowl outside the feline’s home.

Toronto resident Elizabeth Prandza was walking in her neighborhood when she saw a couple staring at a house. She approached to see what had caught their attention and captured the scene on camera.

“What I saw was a super chunky raccoon, sitting like a human, shoveling mouthfuls of food into its mouth,” Prandza told Storyful.

The footage shows the raccoon eating food from a bowl on the ground outside the home before Prandza switches her camera’s gaze to the cat looking on at the hungry animal from behind a window, giving it what Prandza described as “a death stare”.

The footage was first posted to Reddit on May 11. Credit: Elizabeth Pandza via Storyful

Video transcript


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