Cat who lost her kittens is now 'co-parenting' litter of puppies: 'She sleeps with them every night'

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A cat who lost her kittens is coping in the most unexpected way.

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The pet owner @kiwigirlxoxox shared her feline’s story on TikTok. Although she didn’t explain how, after giving birth, the cat had lost her kittens. Around the same time, @kiwigirlxoxox’s dog had given birth to five brown, curly-haired puppies. It was exactly what the mother cat needed.

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“My cat lost her kittens on the 24th of March. Then she started showing interest in the puppies,” she wrote in the caption.

She made sure to keep the cat away from the pups for three weeks in case she tried to eat or injure them. But the mama cat’s intentions couldn’t have been more different. When the puppies were finally old enough to interact with the cat, the cat instantly assumed the role of a surrogate mother. She began cuddling and grooming the puppies as if they were her own.

“It’s now been 3 weeks. She sleeps with them every night,” the pet owner explained. “While the mama dog sleeps on my bed.”

The touching video received 1.6 million views on TikTok.

“They’re co-parenting,” a user joked.

“So cute. The pups have 2 moms and 24-hour mamma love. Just precious,” another commented.

“Doesn’t matter what animal, a mother is a mother,” someone added.

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