Cat Owner Places Christmas Tree in Cage to Keep It Safe From Kitties

The feline war on Christmas trees sparked creativity in a cat owner in Erie, Pennsylvania, who put his artificial tree in a cage as a last-ditch effort to keep it safe from his curious kitties.

This footage, shared to TikTok by Kyle Youmans, shows the tree inside the cage, as he sings, “Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, however caged your branches.”

He then turns the camera to his cats, telling them that it is their fault.

Youmans told Storyful that he began fostering the cats in August 2020 while they were still kittens, and that this is their first Christmas as adults.

“The second we put out the tree, they would not leave it alone. They kept chewing the branches, treating it like a toy,” he said. “We sprayed it with bad-tasting spray to hopefully deter them, but they did not care. As a joke, someone mentioned the idea of putting it in the cage.” Credit: Kyle Youmans via Storyful

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