Cat owners issued 'stay calm' message ahead of £500 fines from next week

Cat owners have been issued a "stay calm" message ahead of £500 fines. With a new law coming into effect and fines of £500 looming for unchipped cats over 20 weeks, microchipping is a hot topic for pet owners across England.

To support cat owners, Sarah Page-Jones, Lead Veterinary Surgeon at Pet Drugs Online, emphasises the importance of microchipping and shares essential tips to keep your cat calm and stress-free during the process.

Sarah is also available for commentary on a number of other topics such as seasonal allergies, managing fleas, ticks and worms and how best to care for your pet during the summer months.

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New rules to be introduced by the UK government mean cat owners in England could be fined £500 if they fail to have their pet microchipped before June 10. This applies to any cat over the age of 20 weeks.

Sarah, Lead Consultant Veterinary Surgeon at Pet Drugs Online, said: “Microchipping involves the insertion of a chip, typically the size of a grain of rice, under your pet's skin. The quick and easy procedure can be compared to a human injection. The chip is inserted between their shoulder blades and takes a matter of seconds.

“The microchip will hold a unique serial number that needs to be registered on a Defra-approved database. Your vet will do this for you but if you need to update your details in the future, you’ll need to log onto your database account and do so yourself. This may incur a fee depending on the database.

“Visiting the vet can prove an anxious time for any pet, but there are ways you can help to relax your cat before the appointment. Calming options like Feliway Classic Calming Spray for Cats (currently only £9.28) can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and distress."