Cat Survives Being Shot In Head With Arrow

Sky News US Team
Cat Survives Being Shot In Head With Arrow

A family cat in Florida has used up one of her nine lives after being shot through the head with an arrow.

Owner Tyra Bulluck, 40, said they went looking for Akila on Tuesday​ night after she got out of the house in Riverview, 12 miles (19km) south of Tampa.

They were horrified to discover their pet pierced by the 7inch (18cm) dart in a neighbour's front garden shrub on Wednesday morning.

The six-and-a-half-year-old rare white calico sphynx's tail was also damaged in the incident.

Ms Bullock, an animal behaviourist, told Sky News: "I was absolutely appalled that a human being could be so cruel to any creature.

"It sickened me to think that somebody in this neighbourhood would shoot my cat.

"The vet said if Akila had her head tilted even slightly upwards it would have been a kill shot that went through her skull."

It was only the furless pet's second foray outside as she is an indoor cat, said her owner.

She said Akila, who comes from championship stock, is a very well-kept cat and so it must have been clear she was not a stray.

The pet was taken to the Animal Coalition of Tampa where she was sedated for an operation to remove the bolt.

She is now recovering after the procedure by veterinarian Dr Elaine Foley, which lasted about 45 minutes.

Animal Coalition of Tampa spokeswoman Karen Hubby told Sky News: "I've seen some terrible things in all my years working rescue, but not like this. This is probably one of the worst."

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office investigators are testing the arrow for fingerprints and DNA.